Hah. I'm down to a email backlog of 293. At this rate, by the weekend, I'll be back in the black with my inbox. This is a good exercise in defeating my perfectionism.

Also a good exercise in defeating my perfectionism: sleeping before I have all of the things I want to do done. Tomorrow's plan is to do the three things I'm most reluctant to do: formally drop two projects (I can't keep them all up - I'm sickness-recovery-sleeping way too much to do all of the things I want to do right now) and distro-switch (Ubuntu to Fedora, after 2.5 months of saying "well, maybe it's time to try something new.")

On the daily practice front, I should polish up the B section of "Well You Needn't" because I'm flubbing chord transitions at high speed, and... hm. I haven't set a benchmark for how flexible/strong/fast I am for a while, and the results are likely to be... let's call them "motivational." So we'll see how far I can stretch, how many pushups and squats I can do to failure, how many crunches I can get through in a minute, and (if I can measure out a mile) how fast I can run one. Ah, yes. And Inbox Zero. Can't forget that.

If I have extra bandwidth, I should do some character sketches for my novel, and possibly try out Eclipse as an IDE. Bonus points if I read an academic paper and write notes on it, though I'm guessing the day is going to be full (I already have some meetings and conversations that I have to have, some work to do now that the IRC Activity has a Trac component, and some Harvard class stuff to work out). I won't work on my resume until the weekend, because every time in the last few weeks I've tried to start that, I ended up futzing around with pretty formatting things in LaTeX instead of working on the actual content. Same with websites that I'm supposed to build.

I haven't been on IRC much lately. That should slowly start to change as well.