Thanks for all the get-better notes; they really cheered me up. I'm sitting in my aunt's house today trying to push fluids; it got to the point last night where I decided that I couldn't take care of myself any more and called for a ride, immodium, acetaminophen, and a non-vomit-covered place to sleep. When my aunt came to pick me up and I staggered into the car, she noted that I'd forgotten my glasses (which are on my face whenever I'm conscious), my pajama pants were inside out, and - the kicker - I hadn't brought my laptop. I explained that I'd considered it, but that I didn't feel like wiping regurgitated food off my laptop casing and backpack, which I felt too nauseous to sit upright and use anyway (so as you can see, I've somewhat improved since).

Needless to say, it looks like web4dev isn't happening for me. However, I have hopes that by Friday I can get back to the apartment and clean up the Sudden Onset Sickness mess before Chris gets back. I don't think my dsickness/dt has ever been this high before.

I can only imagine how far behind I'm getting on work. :) This is my "make sure nothing catches on fire if I don't respond to stuff" 5min check + sending "no NYC this week" emails time + someone else please run QA on Thursday plea, and then I'm going to turn on a "will read when healthy" email autoresponder. Then I likely won't be online until I'm significantly better.

Oh, and Erin is wonderful.