Uh... if anyone expects stuff from me / to see me in the next 12 hours, you may not get it. Just a warning. I think I've emailed everyone affected, but am posting this in case I missed something.

Immediately before I was supposed to leave the house for NYC, my stomach abruptly decided that emptying itself repeatedly was The Right Thing To Do!!! It brought some friends (like Nausea, Dizziness, and Headaches) along to play. I'm still trying to convince it (via fluids and hot, bland cereal) that other courses of action may be somewhat wiser. I have no idea what the heck is going on; going from bouncing around the room in glee to lying in bed clutching my abdomen in <1hr is somewhat weird, but I don't feel sufficiently awful enough to panic.

So I'll probably be in NYC tomorrow if I'm feeling better. I'm going to try to sleep this off now. If I wake up in a few hours and still feel like this, I'll start worrying and making phone calls, but I'm hoping it was something that I ate*, which would mean I will feel better rather shortly.

*despite not having eaten in over 16 hours. Er... yeah.

I wouldn't mind revoking my adulthood privileges for a few hours right now if it meant someone would do my laundry and make me noodle soup. Oh well. I have hot cereal. I have warm water. I have the internet. And right now I'm going to try to sleep again.