526 unread emails? Jeez, I've slipped. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow morning before the marketing meeting, then. *cracks knuckles**

*actually, I don't know how to do that. I've tried following instructions from the internet, but my knuckles stubbornly refuse to crack.


I am typing on my normal thinkpad keyboard at the moment, but with dvorak, as a way of easing into using Chris's Magic Keyboard full time. (Touchstream + Dvorak both was a bit much to get used to both at once.)

After 5 minutes of Dvorak use (and a little cheating and peeking at the keyboard instead of touchtyping everything):

With Dvorak:
your typing rate is : 14 wpm

With Qwerty:
your typing rate is : 118 wpm (not trying to speed up.)

As a happy side effect, I hope to work on my conciseness this week as well.

Today was a wonderful day. Erin and I went around Chinatown and now I am in awe of how light reflects off cake gel icing. Then sleeping on the bus. Then class, then drinks with Mako (who was the class guest this week), and then I returned to my house to find a surprise from Marco that made me molto felice. (See? Shorter posts!)

Now that I've gotten more practice with Dvorak typing this post, let's try that speed test again...

your typing rate is : 21 wpm

Hey, not too bad! 50% speed increase from a single post. The hard part isn't learning Dvorak so much as it is turning off my Qwerty autopilot. When I'm up to some reasonable speed with Dvorak, like 100wpm, I'll make myself cold turkey the touchstream (which I'm using as a big mousepad now, so I'll learn the gestures).

5 things left on my todo list for the night before I sleep.