Old post. Airport. No internet. Never finished. Finishing and posting now. Finding that, when it gives me solo downtime, traveling is very, very good for making me focus. Sentence fragments.

If I'm to be a road warrior, I'd better learn how to book flights - and how to pack. I currently pack based on the time-honored "what can I wash in the sink?" methodology. My gap year packing scheme was optimized for
living in a different place and climate (Philippines --> Shanghai in the dead of winter == differentness) every month or two, and even that was fairly minimalistic while half consisting of things my parents wanted me to pack. This is rapid-fire travel to one climate at a time. I think the secret probably lies somewhere in eigensets of small, minimalistic things.

This is Boston when I left it.

As soon as the plane landed, I started shedding layers of clothing. By the time I leapt off the train around 10:15am, I'd gotten down to socks-in-sneakers, thermals-under-jeans, long-sleeved-shirt + jacket, and was greeted by... warmness.

I spent the morning and afternoon roaming southwards back toward the airport by way of Hyde Park. There were small children running through green parks. Fountains with turtles and bulls belching forth great streams of water. Shirtless runners sprinting down the street in sunglasses. Random conversations with friendly strangers I happened to sit down next to while eating, sketching, taking a picture, or waiting for a train. Al fresco dining with soda that isn't saturated with high-fructose corn syrup. Tomato (real tomatoes, not mealy pale red blobs that try to pass themselves off as food in suburban supermarkets) and cheese sandwiches with salty ham that doesn't taste primarily of preservatives.

I'm currently in the airport waiting for my flight to Hobart, and I've switched clothing styles completely - light pants, sandals, and an OVPC shirt (I don't need these "sock" things anymore). Pia and Jeff are absolutely wonderful and have saved me a room in their house - which is also the location of an Obama inauguration celebration tonight. I find this odd, going to Australia for a party to celebrate a new US President. Also kind of cool.

I'm still in disbelief that I'll actually get to meet them. I'm still somewhat in disbelief that I am here. I'm still in disbelief at where I've gone and who I've met and what I've done in these last few years, and sometimes wonder if I'll wake up and find out that it's all been a dream - but no, it gets more and more real and natural each day. (At the same time, I never want to forget how strange and wonderful all this feels, and how weird and terrifying it is to grow into this kind of person, because I'll need to remember that for when I teach someday, and have students who are afraid.)

Nearly boarding time to Hobart - onwards to adventure!