There's a kind of plant (whose name I can't recall and can't google up with search terms at the moment) that waits for quite some time after planting with no apparent above-ground progress, then suddenly shoots up multiple feet in the span of a few days. With that in mind, progress has been made today. Let's take a look.

  • Headache: subsided
  • Sleeping: somewhat regulated (I'm aiming for a 10am wakeup tomorrow)
  • Inbox: dealt with for the day (need to wait until next thinkpad sprint to deal with Backlog Of Less Urgency, see next point)
  • Wrist pain: recognized and dealt with (henceforth, other than IRC meeting times, I get to touch my thinkpad 2x a day; after lunch and after dinner. I am allowed to use the powerbook-with-magically-ergonomic-keyboard Chris Ball has been kind enough to lend me).
  • Floor: visible**
  • Kitchen: contains food

It's pretty amazing how much of the basic infrastructure of my life I take for granted, and how much of it I need to be functional at the level I'm used to being functional at. If I could outsource cleaning, cooking*, bill-paying, accounting, paying attention to transfers while commuting...

*obviously some of these I wouldn't actually want to outsource all the time.

** this is a pretty big accomplishment; the living room's been piled with boxes from furniture rearrangement, and I decided last night that my current room layout was awful, the piano was not a shelf, and that Things Needed To Change, and proceeded to execute such brilliant plans as "In The Middle Of The Night, With A Pounding Headache But Unable To Sleep, Singlehandedly Flip And Move A Solid Wood Twin Bed Frame Not Only Across The Room, But Facing In The Opposite Direction Because There Are Drawers On Only One Side." Stuff isn't all in its correct place now, but furniture is, and there is walkable floor.

The extension cords and power strips have slowly migrated to a pile beside my bed as my bedroom accumulates the equipment necessary to do XO build testing and it becomes increasingly clear that temperature/heating-bill stuff is going to force me to spend most of my work time in here. Perhaps this is what it's like to be in a monastery. Only I think monks also get desks. I might look into acquiring or hacking together some form of smallish table for working-on; my bed is not a particulary good surface on which to lay out multiple computers.

Rescripting your functionality at the root level is always a little hard. And buggy if you're making major shifts. Which, right now, I sort of am.

It's fun.