My law school class group (which, coincidentally, contains no law students) might be doing our session (first week of March) on measuring the impact of decentralized organizations devoted to a specific cause. I'm very excited about this. Stay tuned.

Request: I need ideas for a hackergotchi. I am camera-shy and not particularly photogenic; pictures of me that Don't Suck are usually taken when I'm not aware that a camera is around (like this one). When I am aware of the camera, the result is a smile of frozen awkward terror. (Yeah, I'm hoping that a mutual photo shoot with friends in the spring will help me get over this... yay for Yifan and Chris and Nikki, and a likely self.birthdaypresent() == camera!*)

*well, maybe I'll get the headphones Sam recommended. Or... all right, I really need to see what I can afford at the start of May. I don't need more stuff.

Request: Recommendations on the easiest way to record and upload multiple layered audio tracks to YouTube and as standalone audio .ogg files. Current methodology: record tracks from keyboard/drums on digital keyboard, record digital keyboard output on mp3 recorder, record guitar on mp3 recorder, Audacity to throw it all together, wrap headphones from my computer around little dinky pocket camera, record video through pocket camera as music plays through headphones. This is currently 3-4 processing layers (keyboard -> mp3 player -> headphones -> camera), takes a lot of time, and sounds awful. There have got to be better options out there for Linux users.

And now with the top of my brain purged of content, I'm going to succumb to the splitting headache. I think my weird sleep hours and weakened immune system are getting hit, and I'm going to be preemptive this time. This post is brought to you by the letters Z, Z, and Z.

(For someone with a splitting headache surrounded by a horribly messy bedroom/kitchen/livingroom chaos, I'm actually quite cheerful. I mean, I have a guitar and a piano and a hot shower. Aside from the headache and mess, there's not much not to like. And I'm making the mess go away shortly after the headache does.)