Before watching the following, please note that:

  • I do not play drums; this was me on an electronic drumset that's clattering against the wall as I play, trying to keep some sort of beat (beat cribbed from "The Drum Set Crash Course"). During the course of events, the pad corresponding to the kick fell over and I resorted to trying to whack it with my toe. Also, I can't hear the crash, ride, or hi-hat.
  • I got a guitar in Wellington less than a week ago, and don't quite know how to play it yet. This is after 2 pages of "A Modern Method For Guitar" and the memory of the single Magic Chord Of Slidingness (Wikipedia says it's called a barre chord) I was taught by... somebody in college, turned into some semblance of 12 bar blues.
  • I do not play bass, and as such was reduced to uninspired thumping on a digital keyboard set to "Wood Bass" voicing.
  • I may have met the C blues scale in passing on the keyboard, but certainly not in E before.
  • In Ye Grande Olde Tradition of posting all my mistakes, this was the first take of everything. Forget "best track." This is the only track.

With that in mind - today I decided I was going to learn how to string a guitar, tune a guitar, lay down multiple tracks, and upload my recording in a form that would be easily viewable On Teh Intarwebz.

There is a certain kind of comfort in knowing that it can only improve from here.