I finally went to sleep as Tabitha and Edward crept off to work. "Did you sleep at all?" they later asked. "While you were eating breakfast, " I replied.

After 3 hours of light sleep, my phone went off. I deferred the alarm a few times, sprang up, blinked, and went through an extended QA meeting that turned into a 3.5 hour discussion with Michael and left me with much food for thought about both testing and how I handle different kinds of conversations. I'm going to have to go over that transcript again once I get out this round of testing notes; I still (in part) curl up in a ball and agree with everything whenever someone challenges something I say. It's something I need to get used to more. Disagreeing with people scares me. I wonder how I can rapidly get tons of exposure to it.

I found the key, ran out the door, and Carl and I hunted through electronics stores looking for sensors and solderless breadboards in vain. Then I ended up at the Catalyst office, where I took part in some delightful conversations about git (and started asking questions about security systems and symmetrical keys). The theme for the evening quickly turned into Friday Night With Alcohol; not overly keen on alchohol, I discovered a delicious vegan burger with a pumpkin-based patty and mushroom-something-something sauce).

I can now sightread sheet music in a somewhat halting manner for the guitar, so long as it's in the key of C (I guess I could probably figure out sharps and flats, but haven't come across songs with those quite yet) and assumes that I'm mostly staying in first position. I miss my piano, though.

3 hours 'till the SLOBs meeting, 9 'till the Welly testers meet. Still have notes to transcribe. Regaining ability to function and focus. Need to remember to keep taking care of myself. I'm glad I know and can tune and shift my sleep schedule. I'd best chug a jug of water and head to bed, then wake up and think about stickers, Remora, and 8.2.1. Blog post comprehensibility can come later.