Let's see how I did with my to-do list today.

  1. Being happy. (Boy, am I!)
  2. Rest. (Working until 5am and sleeping 'till lunchtime wasn't quite what I had in mind, but hey, it works. Tomorrow: earlier wakeup.)
  3. Sunshine. (YAY)
  4. People. (Catalyst office + Martin + Douglas = w00t. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY!)
  5. Food. (Cheap falafel makes a happy Mel, and I want to take all the desserts in Wellington home with me right now.)
  6. OLPC community notes (my notebook is practically stuffed with them, yay Pia!)
  7. Getting ready for the Welly testers meeting on Saturday (which includes stuff like Actual Testing and the Thursday/Friday QA meeting).
  8. LCA followup + general reflections (other than OLPC community notes) that may not be LCA-specific + OLPC/SL-community-related responses (such as to comments on my blog, emails, etc.)
  9. Remora for Sugar Labs, as part of the “You Know, Defining QA Cycles May Not Be A Bad Idea” revelation.
  10. Thinking about What I Will Do Next (still an open question, but with bits of things that may be answers starting to trickle in).

Not bad, considering this is day 1 of 4. Other things that happened today, not from the to-do list:

  1. Can now fluently play and read (sheet music now, not tabs!) a C-major scale in first position on guitar, which means I can now construct chords instead of blindly memorizing finger positions; apparently the trick for me is to play on a travel guitar, which fits my small hands nicely.
  2. Got a tour of Wellington, thanks to Martin.
  3. Got a long list of software engineering books to add to my reading list, also thanks to Martin.
  4. Discovered good expresso, thanks to Martin. I think I will now join my housemate Chris in declaring my love of NZ coffeeshops. I have never liked coffee before.*
  5. More Terry Pratchett novels!

*and I still need to ration myself to one very slow, small cup early in the day, taken with lots of food and water. I'm very, very, very caffeine sensitive, and definitely felt jittery both times.

Wait. How am I more productive when I work less? Wait. Wait. Work is fun again! YAY!

Also, I'm looking forward to borrowing Cjb's powerbook-touchstream, because my wrists are becoming unhappy with bad posture and a Thinkpad keyboard. And I need to learn how to pack. And sleep. And... travel. And keep up with meetings as my timezone changes around (I've been going bonkers trying to convert UTC to EST to Welly time and back and forth and back, and slept through a couple meetings as a result).

(Edit: Suddenly I find myself getting thousands of stickers to Brussels in less than a week. Life keeps getting more and more interesting. I like it. And now the sun rises and I'm off to bed...)