New webcomic discovery: Daisy Owl. I actually did this kind of thing as a small child. I also read it in a book.

Tomorrow (which is technically today) is going to be an interesting exercise in prioritizing, efficiency and effectiveness of execution, and forced rest. I have many things left on my to-do list, and exactly 11 hours before I leave for the airport (after which I'll spend the next ~40 hours getting to Hobart, Australia).

I'll write this up sometime, but the last few weeks have left me in awe. Stress, frustration, and Way Too Many Things To Do, yes. But awe and gratitude first and foremost. I have been blessed far, far beyond what I deserve. I never thought I would grow up to have a life this wonderful, or that sleeping on the floor and eating refried beans (because you're out of nearly everything else) would be something I'd consider parts of that wonderfulness.

I'll never have nothing.