I transcribed the FUDCon sessions I went to, both Sugar-related. Here's Greg's discussion on .rpms vs .xos for Activity packaging, and then Walter's presentation on Sugar Vision. I was frantically typing these as people talked, so some parts might be truncated into incomprehensibility - please let me know how I can make them more coherent, or just edit them so that they're better. Thanks!

This is a side note, but the overwhelming thing that's struck me at FUDCon so far, largely in the context of the OLPC and Sugar stuff going on there (only because all of the FUDCon sessions I've been to so far have been about those): I love craftsmanship. You can feel the thought and time and care good makers put into things they make, whether they're painters, designers, writers, engineers, teachers, marketers, sysadmins, whatever. They have a little bit of their creators in them. I want to use things that were made by people who love making them, and who want me to love using them, and who want me to join them in making things as well.