Some folks have heard the news about OLPC's 50% staff reduction, particularly in engineering, and have asked me how I'm doing. Here's the short version:

  1. I'm happily running around with contagious enthusiasm in the engineering/education/OSS-hat directions, as normal.
  2. Tomorrow is my last day at OLPC as an employee.
  3. Tomorrow is my first day back at OLPC as a volunteer. (Hey, I've been a volunteer for over 2 years, an employee for 3.8 months; I haven't forgotten how to Get Things Done in the former capacity... Uni chapters, Jams, Summer of Content, etc. are all things that I did as a volunteer.) In particular, I will be continuing to manage testing for the 8.2.1 release, and also now have More Time to hang out and help at Sugar Labs. Woo!

Many thanks to all the friends, teammates, coworkers, and family members who've been so supportive in helping me think and work through things in the last few weeks, especially the last few days - and if you have any ideas for shiny projects that might be interested in a Mel, do let me know. I'm young, foolish, and relocatable. ;-)

Whee! Much to do now to wrap up, more updates coming when I have a breather - in the meantime, have an old post I've been forgetting to put up (next post, in just a moment... note that it won't show up on Planet {Laptop, Sugar Labs} because it'll be in not-my-special-feed-for-that, but you can click through to the actual blog if you'd like to read.)

*up up and awayyyyy*