Someone asked me what I was passionate about, what I was trying to do, and why I was doing what I was doing, and I was immediately able to give them an answer that I believed in, could think of no way of improving, that I liked, and that I was actively working on.

It means I passed the Hamming test today. I am proud of this. Rarely before have I felt such a strong conscious alignment between the things I know, the things I'm doing, and the things I should be doing. (It doesn't mean they're easy to do.)

Good times, stirring multiple pots of bubbling curry, stew, frying zucchini, roasting garlic on the stove, and making tea. Full presence in a job that I can do, and finish, and be satisfied by (eating!) at the end. That's something that doesn't fill me up forever... it's far too easy, and a world waits out there to be fed in more ways than my cooking for two can satisfy.

To use a phrase again, though - ...and all the same, I wish it were as simple as this always.