Read an email from a friend tonight, responding to an old message I'd sent him from back before I started working for OLPC, when I was still wondering what kinds of first jobs I might find out there.

"Found your message from... wow, six months ago? What's the latest update [on the job front]... did you find the chaotic environment you were looking for?"

It made me smile.

In other news, Kathy is wonderful. And talking with people is wonderful too. I need to take the time to do that more; I've been very happy to see people taking the time for conversations more lately. After a trip to the bakery (me) and gift shopping (him), Chris and I hit the library this afternoon. I now have an inordinate amount of kitchen science, cooking technique, and food writing books. We also have extraordinary quantities of curry, and... too many oranges. I'm not sure how we acquired so many oranges.

I found my boots, too. This after I soaked my feet through wading in mid-calf-high slush piles to get between bakery + library + apartment. But tomorrow is another day, and a day during which my feet are going to be dry. Hot tea, carrot-ginger soup with sour cream, and gloriously nutty black rice.

Finally, another wordle - probably just from the last few posts, but interesting nevertheless. Here's the old one.

I still write about people. And the only two names there are names of characters in my sci-fi story.

I feel... almost... normal today. It is kind of nice, just for one night. Tomorrow is the start of a long 3-day sprint; I'm glad I've rested up before the running.