Go Sacha! The biggest reason I'm inspired by this post of hers is not that she was nominated, but her description of how she wants to grow into it.

Inbox cleaning is really a project made for long sprints of focused time. I probably cleared 200+ emails today, but got most of the 200 today - hence the apparent lack of visible progress. I did reply to every email that's come in before I left for Thanksgiving vacation, and get below 150 emails (my two goals on that for the night). So that's good.

I did not write my book chapter proposal. I am a bad panda. I will write it while waiting in the doctor's office tomorrow morning. I'm also horribly behind on everything else; what doesn't get done tomorrow is going to be marked wontfix; I will allow myself one "later." There. That clears up Friday for a hacking day for me.

I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar. Through class-5 hurricanes. For certain values of "soar" to be defined at a later date as "the way I am currently tumbling through space."