I wasn't very good at being present earlier today. I realized this, and then I fixed it. This makes me happy.

Some good things happened tonight because of things that, earlier, were not so good. I have been told that I'm "depressingly optimistic" in the past. It seems to make me happy,though. Seems, for that matter, to make other people happy sometimes too. I think I'll stick around this way.

I am thankful for the privilege of having friends who make me think and laugh, often at the same time. (Links in no particular order.)

Ideas. They're so damn fragile. The world is terrifyingly malleable, and I love it. The way I live my life is built on thousands of fragile assumptions and habits I've stacked together because I had to fit into a sort-of-ordered world, and I could take it all apart so easily, for the right reason. I don't know how to tell what the right reason is. I'm pretty sure that is an indication that I haven't had one yet.

I need to not burn out. I'm going to bed. I'm learning how to rest.