I do this sometimes.

The news is a funny thing (scroll to the bottom of that last link).

Also, I want to learn a language the way Nagle learned German. Mandarin, Japanese, Tagalog, ASL, Fookien (which I know varying amounts of) - and then Spanish, French, Italian, and German (which I do not know at all). Korean, Russian, and Portuguese I wouldn't mind, but have no reason to learn right now. It strikes me that this might be good to do in conjunction with an extended sailing, hiking, biking, or backpacking trip involving a different continent.

It doesn't seem all that unreachable, really. I know people who've done this... not all those languages, but some; not all those modes of travel, but at least one. I can do some of them as well. Standing on the bow of a ship with dolphins leaping beside you - this is something I could also see.

Not that my current life isn't exciting.

Tonight post-hackathon I found myself running after Ryan and Tomeu as they pulled 50 laptops in flimsy cardboard boxes on a rattling cart across cobblestoned Cambridge streets (after Michael and Mitchell had persuaded the attendant to let us out of the garage a good half-hour after it'd closed). A few yards from the door of OLPC's office building, the box ripped and sent XOs spilling onto the street; Mitchell and Greg and I rushed forward and ran alongside the cart, grabbing the cardboard sheets together so that they stayed a box, 6 hackers glommed around a moving cart like some sort of crazy dragon dance. By the time we got the laptops back into the office, we were all laughing and out of breath.

"I kinda wish I had a picture of that," I said in the elevator on the way down.

"Actually," said Ryan, "I took a video."