I've missed my 1AM bedtime nearly every night this week, usually by substantial (multi-hour) margins. Right now it's past 4:45am, and I'm emailing drafts back and forth with coworkers, back and forth, all of us responding immediately to each others' emails, all of us in the same timezone, nobody sleeping, multiple people planning on continuing this schedule through the weekend and the week that follows. This is roughly what is going through my brain.

  1. We're nuts.
  2. G1G1 is going to rock.
  3. It's wonderful to work with people like you.
  4. I am about to pitch forward and pass out at my desk.

Right now, I am acutely aware of how many shoulders this is riding on; how many shoulders I am leaning on - how much the things that happen rely on an invisible cast of tens, hundreds of thousands. Millions. Drops of water in a flood. And I - one tiny drop in billions - feel fortunate to be buoyed up by so many people, teachers, colleagues, friends, family members - able because of their support to pour myself into something I love and rush into that flood.

I want to make this possible for other people, the ability to be on fire.*

*...yes, as a drop of water; I know the metaphors are logically immiscible.

I'm declaring a moratorium on work for the remainder of the day, where "remainder of the day" is defined as how long I can stay asleep for. 5 hours, I hope. I'm going to stop this sleeping schedule tomorrow, come hell or high water. Hey, a couch! Znrrrkk...