Working at OLPC (especially during G1G1 season) occasionally means that celebrities come in to film endorsements in the conference room 20 feet away from where you're sitting, newspapers stand by your desk to snap pictures and interview famous people, and stuff of that nature.

Coworker: "You were oblivious to a tall, beautiful man floating through the office?"

Me: "...Yes? I mean, I looked him up on Wikipedia when you said that he was coming, but..."

Me: <enthusiastic burble about the shiny cameras, lights, and microphones following Tom Brady around the office>

Coworker: <sigh><something about this not being a surprise>

Also, nifty new toy: xclock. (Call it from a Linux command line. It's probably installed by default on your distro.)

Edit: Tim Brady != Tom Brady. Right. I can type. Moving on, now...