Someday I will be free to do what I think I can best do, at any given point in time, to solve the problems that I want to solve. Someday I'll have the resources, the time, the skills and knowledge, contacts, energy, and courage to do what should be done.

There is never any reason why that someday can't be now.

I realized a few days ago that my constant usage of the phrase "when I grow up" was, in part, a not-so-subtle way of deferring the responsibility of making my dreams actually happen. One of those "can't fail if you haven't started" things. Also just plain ol' laziness, because working on dreams is hard. And painful. Because they never quite turn out the way you see them at first. And if they do, you realize that's not quite what you really wanted.

But begin anyway. If the journey is a thousand miles, you're probably already at least on step 5. And yeah, you fell over on step 2 and sprained your ankle which has since almost healed up. Isn't it better, though, to be on step 5 and proceeding onwards than it is to keep on saying "whoop! I have a perfect record - I haven't taken step 1 yet"? Either way, you fell, and either way, you need to watch your ankle for the next 10 steps. Might as well count those steps towards your thousand.

Now, just because you start now! doesn't mean you're going to fix it now. Sometimes the best thing you can do to work towards something is to not do anything towards at it at the moment. You take the action item of "have patience" and keep completing it every single time you remember (or better yet, you can set a "you don't have to be patient about this any more! Go do stuff!" reminder-timer to pop up at you in the future). It looks the same on the outside, but this is different from saying "someday" - maybe you'll get that thing to happen someday. Maybe. We don't know. If you're saying "yes, I'm going to make this happen; right now, the way I'm doing this is through waiting it out strategically," that's called taking responsibility.

I think I'll do that now.

Oh god, it's hard. There are so many things to do... and "be patient and wait" is what I have to do for the vast, vast majority of them. I'm not particularly good at this "be patient" thing. When it looks like I've been patient, it only appears as if I've been biding my time; in all probable reality, the truth is I that forgot and had only just remembered the old item and am now madly improvising to tie it in somehow with the new. I'm hoping patience is the kind of thing that will improve with practice.

I'm... getting a lot of practice now.