Mmmmmmmmmmm. Large broccoli and two carrots steamed with a glass of white wine, then blended with a handful of cheddar. A little garlic powder (probably better with fresh/roasted garlic, but none on hand) and then some cumin (which is getting to be one of my favorite seasonings ever). It turns out this gorgeous bright green soup that's further improved with a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top. Kinda like drinking a cheddar-laced sweet green emerald in creamy liquid form, except it's better than that awkward description makes it out to sound.

Fun old things cropping up again: last spring's Story Jam at UNICEF from last spring got picked up by the Communication Initiative Network.

I feel sort of guilty not spending 40 hours a week Making Things, but as DJ pointed out some time back, a  substantial portion of an engineer's job is really to figure out (through talking with people) what things should be made and how, and whether they were made properly, and how to interface them... I think I need to schedule "Learn How To Make Things" and "Make Things" sprints, though, because it's too easy for me to get distracted and forget about sitting down to Do Stuff.

Okay. Enough. I've gotten my happy intellectual stimulation out of the way early this morning by reading about software testing; it's time to Do Stuff.