Just for fun, an icon draft for the testing community is below, since it's been a while since I busted out the Inkscape and I needed to take a break somehow tonight. Edits/counterideas welcome; the source is here. I'm just getting this party started; I don't actually have icon design skills myself.

On a more serious note, a number of volunteers have expressed interest in learning testing along with me, so I'm hoping to make the community test group a great place for newbies to learn about QA. More details in the original testing mailing list post here. If you're interested, have ideas on how we can do this, or (best of all) willing to teach something you know, please let me know, either through a comment on this post or by directly responding to the testing mailing list.

Tomorrow's blog post will be in response to all the great feedback I've gotten on this week's posts so far. Thanks for the thoughts and helps, everybody - please keep them coming!