I believe it is possible to move about the world in a thin, spherical film of sunlight. The way to do this is by becoming a radioactively-glowing source of honesty and kindness. --Diana Kimball

Have I mentioned yet that friends are wonderful? (Though I have always thought of it as trying to be a sunbeam, or this surge of sparking, bouncing, scattering brilliance and light - but Diana and I are two very different people. I would very much like to get to know her more.)

New recipe: saute thinly sliced potatoes in butter, slice in leftover cilantro, pour broth over, boil. At the same time, steam up some cauliflower (and an odd tomato, cubed) tossed in a currylike mix of spices that smell good to you (turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper). When everything is cooked and tender, inhale steam from both wafting out to you from over the stove and realize that they smell great together. Proceed to put 2/3 of both pots into a blender and puree; recombine everything in soup pot, then sit and sip curried potato-cauliflower soup, enjoying the fresh burst of taste from the cilantro.

Cumin and paprika, combined, make a reasonable stand-in for asuete/achuete/annato, at least when making vegan kare-kare. Mmm, vegan Filipino food. No longer paradoxical, because we've had it at pika (also featured: sinigang walang-bangus instead of sa bangus - soft tofu subbing in for fish).*

*I apologize in advance for my mangling of Tagalog, past and future, and wherever applicable. If it is any comfort, I butcher my native language far worse.

I also think that, at least right now, I should not live alone. I need people to live with - relatively stable people, or at least a relatively stable person. Not to take care of me, but for me to gauge my caring-for-myself against. "Oh, Chris went to sleep. Maybe I should sleep. Oh, Henry went to lunch. Maybe I should get food." Else I tend to go "WEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEohwaitcrud*passout*." This also seems to work the other way - if I'm with somebody unstable, I become stable in contrast so that I can take care of them as needed - but data on this latter bit is rarer, and I am far less happy in that position.

We have a watermelon in our fridge. What am I going to do with that? I need to sleep...