Wake up. Go back to sleep. Wake up. Go back to sleep. Wake up. Realize putting off making the floor appear again will not make the floor appear; pick up my room.

Open fridge. "AIEE VEGETABLES GOING BAD!" Steam, stir-fry, and consume inane amounts of bok choy, tofu.

Chris: "Leslie gave me a brewing kit!" Me: "YAY!"

Blender blender blender shake shake shake shake peach plum apple soymilk yum.

Reply to 262 emails. Decide a better strategy of handling emails will be needed soon.

Train! Olin challenge fail! (Ran into Jessie Sullivan.) Buy beer brewing supplies with Chris! Go "zomg must now learn biology and chemistry!" (This for the something-dozenth time - it seems like I need Massive Spiral Learning to get even the basics of those two subjects into my head. That is okay. At least I know this now.)

Bus! MaunaLoa! "I brought cheese and bread for the eating of the cheese!" "Yay!" "This room needs more photons!" "Yes! Yes! The light is broken!"

That's it so far - I have way too much energy to dissipate through typing alone, so I'm going to run around a while after I post this up...