Blues scale. 12-bar blues progression. Walking bass lines and augmented chords with sharp fifths and learning the proper names of note combos I'd made up my own terms for years ago but never thought to say out loud to other people (who would I say them to?) Music! Why didn't I study this before? I need to make up for so many years of lost time. Glory!

Mako's Free Software reading group at the Media Lab: ROCK. Cjb and I ran from 1cc to join in. I spent something like 5 minutes skimming all the first-session readings because that's about how much advance notice I had about it (thanks for letting a last-minute auditer in, guys) and now I have to go back and read those several hundred pages a little more slowly; even I can't read coherently that fast. It took a while for me to get used to the rapid back and forth conversation and frequent interruptions of the group, but I think I've mostly got the discussion style down now, and the sheer firehose magnitude of the bandwidth is fantastic.

Also, Berkman? BRAIN EXPLODES WITH AWESOME. I LOVE EVERYTHING. So very, very happy right now.

And tired. Very tired. I think. That I should go to bed.