Geeks crashing after hackathons.

The ways in which people crash when they're utterly exhausted after a long work sprint are:

  1. Inventive - where do they sleep? what do they sleep on? how do they block out light and sound? what do they use for blankets?
  2. Informative - you learn a lot about someone by seeing what drives them to stay up past their bedtime
  3. Touching - this most of all. Sleeping hackers remind me a little bit of sleeping children. They fall asleep so full of dreams.

My lunch today:

  1. celery sticks (there was an entire head... plant... thing of celery in our fridge; it needed to be eaten)
  2. peanut butter (to go with celery sticks)
  3. mint chocolate chip ice cream cake (thank you,

Lissa taught me how to bake bread at pika last night. It was delicious! And much easier than I had thought. Perhaps I should do this sort of thing more.