My desktop background at work. (And on my personal laptop as well.) Every child needs their own velociraptor!

We now have a howto on memory leak testing - many thanks to Tomeu for taking the time to sit with me through my first memory leak test case. If you're curious how hungry various actions in Sugar are, take a look. We have some memory leak bugs like #8394 that need test cases and testing, too, if you want to lend a hand.

I also started a section for test setups, which are shorthand references for actions that we do across many tests. It's annoying to have to retype "first, take a USB stick..." or "if you don't have this installed, wget this file..." dozens of times over, so we say things like "set up for a smoke test" and give a link to general smoke test setup instructions. This section is a stub right now; what other things should go in here?

Got some slightly confusing battery test results from yesterday's run. Most of them performed as expected, but a couple had logs that terminated when the battery wasn't even halfway discharged. I've also got a setup trying to reproduce #7893, which, if fixed, will be a triumph because it means your Neighborhood view will actually reflect the things present in your Neighborhood (instead of having Activities from no-longer-present XOs hanging out like the Ghost of Christmas Past). Fingers crossed.

For the record, according to our current test case management system, we have the following coverage...

  • Test cases we know should exist (i.e. stubs OR cases created): 59
  • Test cases actually written (i.e. cases, not stubs): 51
  • Test cases run: 25 (42.4% of test cases that should exist)
  • Test cases run and passed: 18 (72% of test cases run, 30.5% of test cases that should exist)
  • Test cases run and failed: 10 (40% of test cases run, 17% of test cases that should exist)
  • Test cases run with both passes and fails: 3

Clearly we need better test case coverage... and a better way of showing testing coverage, progress, results, and all that jazz. This is what we've got now. Suggestions? Ideas?