In other news, I need a new box of tissues. Holy flaming scoville units. I will never put two of those peppers into a single bowl of soup again no matter how much I love spicy food.

Also featured in tonight's dinner: raw sweet corn. On a scale from "mmm" to "would trade future rights to hypothetical firstborn child for please sir may I have some more," this was a "between a lifetime supply of this and lifetime supply of chocolate, I'd choose the former," which is high, high praise from me (I am a chocolate fiend).

Another highlight of the day was my first German longsword lesson (thanks, Seth!) where I learned that if he had a sword and I had a sword and I moved my sword in the direction of his sword for any vaguely not-quite-friendly reason, I would soon be disassembled in a pool of blood (read: dead and in pieces). Swords are awesome!

Last but not least, I have (1) stamps and (2) envelopes, so if you want a letter and live not-in-Boston*, send me your address and I'll write you. (If you live in Boston and want a letter, let me know and we can make arrangements such that I can hand-deliver it. Come on. Face-to-face contact. It's good stuff too.) I blame Greg Marra for this, by the way.

*or surrounding towns, the metro area, you know what I mean. Boston-ish.