Tank just asked about the food tour of Boston that my brother Jason and I (and for a day, our cousin Mark) went on, so here ya go. Criteria for choosing were (1) Things hungry 19-year-old student would like and (2) Things I could afford.

Day 1:

  • Santarpio's Pizza - garlic & sausage pizza, excellent. "Worth walking for," said Jason. It's not the best pizza I have ever had, but it's darn good pizza and it's in my neighborhood so I would go (indeed, have gone) again and take guests there.
  • Sunset Grill & Tap - fiesta nachos, full plate. The eyes-bugging-out-of-head look on the faces of the boys was worth it; this plate is gorgeously huge, and tasty for such a big cheap thing (the cheese, salsa, chili, and stuff is actually distributed throughout the giant mass of chips instead of dumped on top). We finished maybe half of it; leftovers were foisted off on Matt Ritter and Man Hall later that night.
  • Blue Ribbon BBQ - supper for 6, which includes ribs, chicken, coleslaw, pulled pork sandwiches, cornbread, and beans. Tasty spicy ribs, gloriously tender pork, okay chicken, and i was too stuffed to eat much of the sides.

Day 2:

  • Bartley's Burgers - gazpacho, Some Big Burger Of A Type I Have Forgotten that came with onion rings, sweet potato fries. Gazpacho good, burger excellent; juicy and full of beef flavor that blended/contrasted nicely with the toppings. Onion rings good but of the thin-sliced variety (I prefer huge chunky onion rings). Sweet potato fries addictive. Jason has wanted to go here for something like 3 or 4 years. He said that it was worth the wait.
  • Berryline - we split one with raspberries on top. Good but pricey; I like it because I haven't had stuff like it before, but Jason didn't find it particularly special. This may be because he goes to school in California and there are apparently frozen yogurt places like this all over there. Or maybe he's just picky.
  • Crazy Dough - slice of Nutty Tuscan pizza. Jason ate it all as I was recovering from Whoa Boy That Was A Lot Of Food. He said it was very good. I know it's good because I recommended it to him; it's my favorite Crazy Dough pizza.
  • John Harvard's Brewhouse - my turn to have something while Jason's digestive system worked; they brew their own stuff there. I had an ale and it was excellent.
  • Finale - chocolate platter for 2, plus scoop of vanilla ice cream (our server's suggestion, on the house, bless her). Really good. Really, really really really good. Wow. I think that next time we'll both just go right for the chocolate lava cake ("Magnanimous Molten") because that was the standout and we were both sad to finish eating it.

Day 3:

  • Digestive Systems Returning To Normal Operations Now No Food Today Please.
  • Not really. Later in the day we had sweet corn that J had brought from Illinois, plus party food (hummus and pita bread, salsa and chips, cheese and crackers). I don't think either of us could have eaten more after the previous two days, anyway.