Housewarming was The Awesome. Lots of people, roofdeck, root beer keg, friends, cheese. The next day Jason and I drove back to Glenview, IL. We took 3 hour shifts and got in at 4am this morning; my brother is occasionally just as masochistic as I am.

It was strange to walk into the house and see a basement with the futon folded up and the bed with no sheets on it pushed back to the wall and nobody playing pool. My bedroom has one bed in it and no mattress on the floor, and I didn't have to sneak in so as to not wake people up. The house is too big for 4 people (soon 2).

Last bits of packing and appointments here and figuring out how to ship books to Boston, and then I fly back into Logan on the 10th (this Wednesday) and become a MA resident. First piano lesson Saturday*. Start work at OLPC on Monday. When I get back to Yavin IV my (working) drumset and our blender will be here, which makes me happy.

*WOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOO! YAY! OhgodIhavetopractice!