My brother Jason's here, complaining that our sofa isn't comfortable. We went to Santarpio's and it was indeed delicious pizza.

Rare event happened yesterday; I was exhausted. Just tremblingly full of tiredness. Heavy eyes, lead body, couldn't run. Still thinking fast and clear, but only barely. I don't know why, but I enjoyed it, because I could. I didn't have to turn my hyper-spigot on to ruin it because there was nothing I absolutely needed to be super-revved-up to get done.

Woke up this morning - normal, amp turned up to 11. Could not continue to lie down. Assembled furniture and cleaned my room and cooked 5 different things for breakfast before it was 8am. Yay! Now to do a whirlwind of last-round shopping and get my keyboard, and feed Jason.

Hm. Writing in more rhythmic sentence fragments lately. Need longer phrases. Should read older writers. Or textbooks with a sense of humor. Will see what I can find tonight.