(walking out of Super 88, our local Asian supermarket)

Me: Whoa, I have a rice cooker and a wok. I feel like a real grown-up now.
Chris: For me, it's more like "I have my own skillet!"
Me: Yeah, I'm Chinese.

(in the grocery store, international aisle)

Me: *immediately walks over to sesame oil / soy sauce section*
Chris: *has moved to stand in front of the olive oil / balsamic vinegar rack*

(later, while unpacking all our boxes)

Chris: You know, it feels really weird to be doing this right now.
Mel: Oh yeah.
Chris: All of my friends from high school got their own apartments after, like, their freshman year of college, so they've all done this already, years ago.
Mel: Whoa. I was going to say that it was sort of early to not be living with my parents because I'm not married, but... yes.

Also, I've never complimented a company on the packaging of their toilet
plungers before, but OXO is smart; they sonic-weld their plastic case
around the plunger, but include some handy perforations so you can,
with one deft motion and no tools, extract your doodad from its case. Yay good design!

And also also, Chris is wonderful. Our apartment is a no-shoes zone; we have a shoe-rack by the door. I'm happy because I can traipse around barefoot and still have clean feet.

The unpacking continues.