I've progressed to the point in speech therapy where I'm allowed to practice sounds at home (meaning I'm able to make them correctly with enough consistency that i won't mess myself up by practicing the wrong things). They gave me lists of words with sounds that I'm working on, but cat /usr/share/dict/american-english | grep er$ > practice.txt* (and similar commands with more complicated regexps) yield a far more extensive list.

Speech therapy may be my biggest motivation yet to learn regular expressions really well.

*"Look at the big dictionary of words on your computer and put all the words that end in -er into a practice.txt file."

Oh. Did I mention how much I love my team? I love my team. Despite high levels of sheer exhaustion from running a workshop at the Museum of Science and Industry, Tank and Chris drove to Evanston (Nikki and I had gone there earlier for an ILXO community meeting) and the three of them waited in the library for over an hour while I had speech therapy so I wouldn't have to spend 3 hours taking the train and walking back home afterwards.

This week has probably been our best yet. Door after door opening.

I feel like I could fly.

(Addendum: Okay, XS installation is not working, there are too many emails to reply to, and the wifi keeps going down. Whatever. Life is still most excellent stuff.)