You know what?

The "abandon other people before they abandon you" game sucks, and I refuse to play it.

This is also sometimes to my detriment. It would be way easier if I could.

Happier posts coming tomorrow when I finish making a few things... I'm not actually depressed, I just happen to be writing out the things that I'm confused about, which for the last few days have been somewhat blargh. The happy stuff has been making sense lately, which is awfully nice.

Ooh. Happy thing that makes sense that I can write about - Chris and I made burgundy poached pears today. If you use the wine-sugar mixture you poach the pears in as a substitute for water when making caramel to drizzle over said pears (something Chris, Beth, and myself came up with a few years ago when we first made this recipe), it makes the caramel extra-delicious. I do, however, want to halve the amount of sugar next time... or better yet, use no sugar whatsoever and poach the pears in a mixture of pear wine (apparently Chris says there's a pear rose wine out there?) and pear mead.