I think my brain is a little better now. Thank you, Andrew, sheet lightning, fresh mozzarella cheese, and French bread, and jazz piano.

I'd like to read this paper on free universities, but don't know how/where I can get access to it. Time to email libraries...

The history and philosophy of the free university, defined as an organization that offers noncredit classes to the general public in which "anyone can teach and anyone can learn," is explored. Offered is practical advice for starting a free university center or exchange and ensuring its success.

It talks about several free universities like the ones in Baltimore and Colorado. To that I'd add things like Arbitrary Hour and the employee-run open tutorial sessions at places like Google (according to Greg), TOPP (huzzah for dwins and topp-talks!), OLPC (or so I've heard, though they started after we left for Chicago), and - well, wait... why doesn't every company do this?

What does a good documentation portal look like? (Yes, I'm thinking of OLPC and TOPP as I look through these). Here's the Creative Commons Documentation page. What things should be emulated, what discarded?

Tomorrow I am planning on teaching myself how to BBQ by way of providing food for the family and friends. I have not done this before. Hamburgers (real ones, not preformed patties - and with cheese folded into a pocket in the middle), hot dogs, red peppers, shrimp, zucchini, asparagus, and anything else that looks like its tastiness will be improved by FIRE. Marshmallow toasting as well. Berry smoothies.

Oh. Speaking of family and friends, the house is quite full. Nikki and I are in my room, my cousins Melanie and Mia are staying with Melanie's mom and sister Audrey in my brother Jason's room; Jason himself is on the floor of the office-loft, and two of his friends are in the music room on the sofa. My grandmother is in the guest room. Chris and Andrew were in the basement, but Chris is out this weekend so it's just Andrew down there now. And of course my parents, who are used to having their house turned into a hostel by now.

I like living in a full house (or at least a temporarily full house - I need space sometimes as well). Last night I ended up in a chokehold on the kitchen floor scrabbling to take a stuffed dog away from a 4-year-old. (Tormenting each other! It's such a fun bonding experience!)

We have too many ripe bananas at the office. I will remedy this shortly.

Downside: With people in the music room, I can't play even my dinky electric keyboard with headphones, because the keys make a clicky-clack noise. And I'm not called the master of keyboard thunder for nothing.

My brain isn't all the way back together - lack of cohesion in my writing is good evidence of such - but at least I feel like a Mel again, and that's pretty darn good.