The first OLPC Grassroots Bootcamp ran last week at Boston at OLPC
headquarters - thanks to all who attended, presented, and participated
and helped us build community infrastructures, share best practices for
grassroots movements, compile a list of Grassroots problems to work on, flesh out a Volunteering process, flesh out the role of a Community ambassador
(or ambassadors), and - of course, the smaller moments... playing
soccer, eating copious quantities of pizza, filling wall-to-wall
whiteboards multiple times over with notes ranging from technical
specifications to a request for parfaits, and just getting to know
people from all walks of life and all corners of the world.

You can view notes and transcripts from each day at

Got notes from the bootcamp?

If you attended the bootcamp, took photos, have notes, project
files, or any other things from the past week, please post them on the
wiki so all can see - a good place to put these is We're particularly in need of notes from Thursday.

Feedback - please help us improve!

If you're looking through the things we've posted and have
suggestions for how we can clean up, clarify, and provide context
behind some of the notes to make them more useful to others, please
post them to the feedback page,
(or reply to me via email) and we'll do our best. There were plenty of
bugs in the bootcamp process, as this was a rough first round - so
feedback and suggestions for how to make a better bootcamp will be
enthusiastically welcomed.

Interested in running your own?

Speaking of future bootcamps: One of the goals for this prototype
bootcamp was to come up with a framework and resources such that other
groups could run their own (better! localized!) grassroots training
bootcamps in the future. Are there any groups out there interested in
running/hosting a bootcamp of their own (preferably this summer)? We
need some locations to help us figure out what resources we need to
make available to help non-Bostonian bootcamps run, so please let us
know if this something you'd be interested in helping us work out. It's
much easier to build resources if you have someone particular in mind
you're building them for, after all. See

Cheers and thanks to all!

-Mel and the bootcamp crew