Bootcamp day 3 is done!*


Highlights include:

  • Feedback from Tuesday's classroom roleplay - next round, we need to find a way to actually work with kids during the bootcamp. This time around was tough because of end-of-school-year scheduling and during-the-day bootcamp timing.
  • Pre-luncheon guests Kim Quirk (VP of Software and Support) and Joe Feinstein (OLPC's new QA head honcho) came in to talk about how to get involved in the upcoming surge of community testing.
  • Guest speaker Josh Gay from the FSF gave a lunch presentation on "Designing for Participation" - the cycle of defining projects and goals in such a way that it makes it easy for volunteers to get involved.
  • Seth Woodworth and SJ Klein led a discussion on "community APIs" and what OLPC's community can do to facilitate itself.

Full notes and transcripts from the day (super-helpful, with much more detail - most of these transcripts are quite good, thanks to our volunteers!) are available at


*yes, these notes are getting sent out somewhat belatedly - most of the bootcampers (myself included) are also recovering from the aftermath of the Grassroots Jam,