Tired. Can only think in short words. Not do more than one thing at a time. Good chance that I'm sick. Yay.

No, really - today and yesterday I've been, for unknown reasons, disturbingly zonked out. It feels like being excessively sleep deprived, except I'm getting 50% more sleep than usual, and crashing down hard. My brain feels fuzzy and without peripheral vision. I can't think. I can only react. Input flies by and I just block it out. Mentally and physically drained - I want to just wrap in a quilt, sink into a mattress, and watch a ceiling fan go around in circles for a while.

My friends tell me that I'm functioning at the speed of a "normal person," and this scares me. Mel does not like. Must heal.

In the meantime, slowly plodding through work. This is complicated by a rather annoying tendency to get disoriented and nauseous when staring at screens and swaths of text for extended periods of time. This is the most aggravating kind of "not feel good" I've had for a while. At least I've regained the ability to regulate my body temperature, which is usually the first sign that I'm sick (and the first sign that I'm probably getting better soon).

Wait, wait, happy things - some fantastic observations about libraries in China!