I've decided that it's time to start passing some of my projects on. This includes firming up, documenting, and then passing them on to other people so that (0) I'm not a bottleneck, (1) fresh perspectives, yay! and (2) I have fewer projects and can focus better on the ones that are left. Here's to posting things publicly to keep me honest. Folks, feel free to bug me on these, both if you don't see me doing them, and if you're interested in taking over the reins.

On my target list for OLPC:

Jams - write the "how to run a Jam" handbook, field-test it with the folks at the Grassroots bootcamp, then point people to it thereafter as a resource. Get the Jam in a Box kit created, publicized, and well-oiled in terms of how people get the box and pass it on. Also create a directory of "Jam consultants" so that I'm not the only one listed there for people to ask for advice from. (I'll still be there, but as one of many.) This should be done by the end of the month.

University chapters (as an important subset of grassroots groups) - get existing chapters to publicize their activities and keep their pages updated. Likewise, form a coalition of university chapter leaders so that new chapters have good places to go for mentorship. This should be done by the end of the fall semester (January 1st) so I'm aiming for a fairly slow and steady transition so that we get a complete school-year cycle solidified.

Would anyone be interested in hosting a University Chapter summit at the end of August? I'm hoping that I'll be able to walk away, come back a few years later as a graduate student, and have the University chapters people of that era walk newbie-Mel through starting a chapter at whatever school she's at then.

More to come as/if I figure them out. Transitioning these should allow me to concentrate on (as an intern) building grassroots processes, a pilot mechanism, the ILXO office, and a community membership / volunteer support model, and (as a volunteer) bug triaging, the various Activities I'm developing, repair centers, and trying to do more tech/development things in general. (I love grassroots. I also think I'll be better at it if I have a stronger base of technical contributions to draw from.) It will also make these projects stronger and more stand-alone in general.

PS: Learning shorthand (for Mentat wiki month) is taking longer than I thought - I keep falling back to my normal scrawl or just grabbing for a keyboard. 10 more days to learn it!