I swear I'm going to leave this office before 5am because I want to come back at 8am or before.

The ILXO folks (Chris, Nikki, and Tank) moved into their new apartment today, which took most of the morning. I'm amazed at their dedication - immediately after several grueling weeks of finals and projects and presentations, they moved across town the day across graduation and then promptly came into the office at 11:30 pm (without even pausing to unkink their shoulders from hauling blue bins of books up 4 flights of stairs) to prep laptops for the demos they're running at Ridiculously Early Hours tomorrow morning. And they're putting up with insanity like this all summer for a $0 salary).

I'm looking forward to the summer. Wait - it's already started. (YAY!)

Also fun: mad dashes to Radio Shack right before they close, only to discover that they not only don't carry the sensor you were looking for, they appear to not carry any sensors (as components that aren't already integrated into overpriced consumer electronics devices on the shelves). Yep, I'm demoing Arjun Sarwal's Measure activity tomorrow, on way too little sleep, to far too many people...

Okay. Time to post and run - I'm splurging on a taxi this once because I don't want to wait an hour for the first train to get here. Sleep - it's a good thing occasionally.