Yes, this is a poorly written post. I am on the verge of unconsciousness.

Right before going to bed (now), I tried my hand at going through the Sugar bugs tonight as a "bugmastering trial." Here are my notes, noting that the location is unstable and this link probably won't lead you to those notes after a few days.

I didn't actually touch things in Trac because many scattered changes may be hard to undo, and I want to run this by people for a sanity check first. There are plenty of questions on that page, and what I've done is almost certainly suboptimal bugmastering-fu; I am throwing this out there for feedback on how I can improve the usefulness of what I just did (it took about an hour to read all the existing bug reports and write those notes).

In general, I was trying to piece together a rough idea of the problems the Sugar team is trying to solve. Some have been neglected (standing untouched for months). Some are confusingly written or overly terse such that only a handful of very-involved developers would be able to understand what it meant. Most were unverified. Some were probably duplicates (though I didn't look too hard for those). Much cleanup is almost certainly needed; I need to talk with the Sugar folks about what they're trying to do first.

I am not sure if this is helpful or if I'm the best person to do it even if it is helpful, but I told Bernie I'd try it out for two weeks and see if I could figure out how to be useful.