I found this randomly through a book on the Unix philosophy (of all things). It struck me as - well... it struck me. Particularly the last bit of the comment by Mumon.

Joshu asked Nansen, “What is the Way?”
Nansen answered, “The everyday mind.”
Joshu asked, “Can it be studied?”
Nansen answered, “If you chase it, it slips away.”
Joshu asked, “How can I find the Way unless I know what to look for?”
Nansen answered, “The Way is not knowledge nor
non-knowledge. Knowledge is delusion. Non-knowledge has no
discrimination. When you are the Way you will have no doubt as you are
free in the vast space of void. How can it be “right” and “wrong”?
At these words, Joshu was awakened.

Mumon's comment: Joshu’s question dissolved Nansen’s answer. Even though Joshu had a realization, it must have taken thirty years to congeal.