My favorite pictures from LinuxFest Northwest, thanks to Iain; laptop disassembly by the youngest group I've seen in person yet.

The Philippines has been on my mind lately. (That's the short version. The long version involves befuddlement and angst that haven't become coherent English sentences yet). While I'm still within my "year-off" period and can throw out random crazy ideas for what to do next, what would happen if you did (a research project on the impact of) something like this... but over here?

For those of you who clicked on the links, you should see the answer to the question "but how will you pay for it?" The grant only covers one academic year, which is enough time to get something set up. I could likely find a way to stay longer and keep it going if it works out.

Cultural exchange? Sure - the DIY/maker mentality is one part of American homebrew culture that I adore and would love to share; it's something I've felt the keen absence of during my visits to the Philippines.

Research? Yes. Educational sociology focused on informal engineering education. Hey, MIT thinks it counts.

Language requirement? I'm fairly certain I can pick up at least basic conversational Tagalog within a few months, especially if my family is around to practice with. I do need a concrete "You are going to X country!" date as motivation to learn a language properly.

Sanity? Not sure. Thoughts?