Tonight I got rid of my email backlog.

Tonight I actually got rid of all of my email. Unintentionally. While playing around with offlineimap, I... (am really ashamed to say this, and I) didn't really bother to read the manual thoroughly beforehand. And... well.... yeah.

My brain went something like this.

1 second afterwards: *blink*
5 seconds afterwards:[multiple four-letter words unprintable here in the presence of polite company]
10 seconds afterwarsd: Well, that's one way to deal with an email backlog.

I then proceeded to calmly drink a glass of water, and then - with a blissful feeling of peace and serenity blanketing my mind - began to hyperventilate.

This has been the latest in your series of Mel Does Stupid Things. I will now go improve all my backup processes.

Epilogue: Dreamhost does automatic backups
in a ~/.backup folder, bless them. So that was an easy revert, and it appears as if I've only lost the last 12 hours of
incoming email (if you sent me something important in the last 12
hours, you may... want to resend.)