In New Jersey. Lugging all of one's worldly possessions (minus books and electronics-that-are-not-laptops) via Fung Wah is dirt cheap, but my back really hates me now.

Ebullient amounts of thanks to everyone in Boston who made it worth not sleeping for 3 days - my aunt and her family and their fridge full of soy milk, the OLPC folks at 1cc who welcomed a tired geek with luggage and strange Filipino candy with open arms (it was great to see folks from this summer again, and meet some new people in person at last), the Maker House crew who groggily opened their futon to me at 1am (apparently a climbing wall was erected in the living room in my absence), and to my Olin buddies who came all the way out to Cambridge to discuss several dozen OLPC projects simultaneously, kept me up 'till dawn talking about Life and Doing Things and other Good Stuff, and allowed me to sleep on their beanbag chair.

If you're in New York and would like to get together, drop me a line. I start work on Monday. I'm excited. And I hope I can figure out my weird wifi bug tomorrow before I start coding on bandersnatch (my laptop) full time.

Time for an excessively luxurious 5 hours of sleep before waking for meetings and church - I swear I'll get more rest tomorrow night, mom.