Was sorting through my travel pictures this evening and found some older ones - two which I know I haven't posted here before, one which I've definitely mentioned but may not have put up.

The first two are class notes from ICB my freshman year with the legendary team of Burt and Zhenya. There's a page from physics and a page from math, respectively. The page from math eventually evolved into a half-length Shakespearean production of Rhomeo and Julihat. I say half-length because even if we eventually put it on (to a standing ovation) at the end-of-year exposition later that May, I stopped writing after the Rhomeo-kills-Phibalt scene and haven't been able to conclude it satisfactorily since (although I've tried to write the rest several times).
Stabby OpticsPmeo and Julihat notes

Yes, I actually used to take notes like that; these are my notes from high school physics with Ms. Nicks, done in the form of a comic book with references to a LOTR-style IMSA epic that my friends and I were writing on notesfiles (hence the characters, who are either fictional beasts or actual kids I went to school with, only with swords and snappy comebacks). Calc-based physics epic comic book [pdf]

Someday I should make a nice gallery of this stuff online again.  The final picture is the dartboard from the "I chose my undergrad major using a dartboard" story. See? I wasn't kidding.

The dartboard that made me an ECE