My first thought upon deplaning: Wow, white people! After more than 3 months in China and the Philippines, it's weird to see non-Asians in such large quantities.

First order of business is to try to catch up on OLPC stuff again, with loads of help from Nikki. I've been woefully out of the loop thanks to spotty net access abroad, but will be volunteering full-time from Chicago until the end of January. Word on the street is that community and volunteer coordination needs a lot of help, so if you speak fluent normal-people-English as well as bahasa geek, please consider helping out.

First phase: tomorrow morning I'll be heading to my high school to spend Intersession week (Jan-term-like period of "fun" classes before "real" classes start) working on OLPC with fellow IMSA alumni Scott Swanson and his new crop of bright young volunteers.

This means I have a grand total of 6 hours between now and when I have to leave the house tomorrow to recover from 12 timezones' worth of jet lag. It will be fun. It is now bedtime.