I HAVE INTERNET AGAIN! Kind of. Not on my "real" laptop, but on my trash laptop. I think we gave the folks upstairs the wrong mac address for my good laptop. But it's my laptop, with my stuff on it, and not a quick steal of webmail on someone else's computer (which I did once, I think - thank you, Gui)

No, I don't need internet that badly. Actually, I got along just fine without it for the last week and ended up building a ton of furniture instead, the end result being that we have chairs and tables now (built in the middle of the night while the others slept) and a ballroom that's been finished being painted green. What I do need are ways to plan my internet outages in advance.

And - and - oh god, the backlog... it's been nearly a week without internet that I didn't plan for. I have to pack before I start sifting through this, but... man, I've missed so much. Especially on the Summer of Content front - and apparently my emails about that didn't actually go out, plus they're stuck on the good laptop, and I need to find a USB drive to transfer them over. It's going to be a long night.

How do frequent business travelers do this? Oh, yeah - they have money and can travel without broken laptops and do things like hail buses and taxis and buy wireless or internet cafe time they didn't explicitly write into their budget beforehand. Also, they have better problem-solving skills. I'm beginning to understand the rationale behind setting aside certain hours for work. I love my no-schedule thing, but sorely need to optimize my algorithm for deciding what things to do at a given moment.

In the future, I need to plan my internet outages in advance so I can actually be a responsible transient (I feel like such a bad grown-up right now). Also, I've upgraded from sleeping on a folded blanket in the corner to sleeping on a mattress (the aforementioned futon was at my aunt's house). My life's become semistable just in time for me to travel again; I sleep at the house one more time tonight (if I sleep tonight), at Olin tomorrow night, in Illinois for the next three, and then in San Fransisco.

Right now I need to pack four climates' worth of clothes (including formalwear, because I can wager there'll be at least one "fancy dinner" to go to in the Philippines) into a carryon, which is an adventure in itself. Then I'll try to sync up online. Gaaah.