So far, so good. Folks came, we had food and soda (had to order a 2nd round of pizza, but eh) and now we have code cranking, amazing music and graphics, games working (or at least functional - they'll respond to things you do with them). I've seen at least two playable games - Kuku Anakula (Number Munchers with a chicken) and 3D Pong.

My feet are sore from walking most of the day in not-entirely-broken-in shoes. My camera is being exercised regularly. The blackboards have a few square feet of clear space left. I was supposed to draw a background for Team Minuteman, but my computer is rebelling right now so it's still in B&W - need to color it tomorrow. And can I just mention again how incredibly talented our full-time musician (Matt Myers) and artist (Roberto Christen) are? I thought I could arrange and draw reasonably fast, but seeing them in action is something else entirely.

Jessi, Nick, and Molly have been working tirelessly getting food, getting people online, manning the registration table (armed only with vague directions from an intermittently present organizer), and driving hither and yon. The entire Quirk family showed up to both coordinate and code, getting many of the XOs up and running and helping folks out with Pygame. Noah (coderanger) gave a fantastic pygame crash-course, Darius gave an intro to Jamming, Omar and his mother have been setting up our open discussions and acting as a bridge between code and education, and SJ is holding it all together and keeping us (especially me) from going insane.

And the laptops! XOs scattered around the room, icons popping up
everywhere - you can actually see other people on the network. It's a
friendly feeling. I can't wait until our judges (ages 3.5 to 11, so far) arrive on Sunday afternoon.

A bundle of sheets is lying in my temporary EH dorm room still wrapped in plastic as I'm taking the night watch and fighting off sleepiness with adrenaline. I'm hoping to be in bed before the sun comes up, but as that's in about an hour I had best hop to it (there are still teams awake coding, hence I'm awake writing this as my laptop is being too finicky today to do much else).